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What an amazing concept!

Wonderful game! 

Honestly, it was something new and refreshing!

Well done!



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I beat this game the best way I know how, by BSing the whole thing, I'm not even sure what I did but I beat it, this picture seems to be the best proof I can give since the end screen is the same either way.

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Thanks for the feedback

we just pushed a fairly big overhaul of the game completion, which should be more interesting and make (a little bit) more sense.


You've already seen this on the discord, but I wanted to post it here since it makes sense.


Damn, this is so puzzling and such an amazing concept for a jam game :O
The fantasy of being in an alien world is so beautifully delivered, it's incredible! You did a freaking amazing job in so little time :D

Don't spoil anything, I will figure this out.


If you do, let us know! Thanks for the kind words


With our remaining time we overhauled the progression. It makes a lot more sense now!


We Hope it makes a lot more sense