Explore the dark and avoid the traps. Although the dungeon begins almost pitch black, each explorer's death will light up more of the environment to explore.

Press Esc for Sensitivity and Volume settings

A WebGL build is provided for ease of play; we recommend downloading the windows build for a more performant and immersive experience.

Discuss it on our Discord: https://discord.gg/ajvbUzQ4nb

A short first person dungeon exploration game made for Wowie Jam 3.0. Find and return with the macguffin.


Torchure 1.1.zip 40 MB
Torchure (1.0 Jam Version) 40 MB

Development log


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a lot of creativity in this game.


I loved it, very entertaining!!


awesome game

I played your game 



this is my favorite game on this website. 

Please make more levels! T-T


It's a big compliment, thank you!

We are working on other projects at the moment - but we do have ideas for more levels!

(1 edit) (+1)

Great little game.

Awesome mechanic with how you explore the cave!

Sfx, graphics and world really pull you in!


Great game. I had no issue with how long it took (maybe an hour? I'm not too sure). I love the idea. I think I died over twenty times before I won

this game takes too long 😭 I was literally so close to winning and I accidentally stepped on a trap I literally spent almost an hour on this one night and still didn't win.

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"gloomily mortin darkmore somehow couldn't see this massive pit" 

pretty much sums up my entire playthough, great game.

(1 edit) (+3)

Really well done with this! I love the idea behind this and you've executed it amazingly! The random names and little quips are perfect but I felt SO bad at the end!!


Without a doubt a great game. Congratulations.

Very nice submission for this jam, ill rate and comment on the jam page.

I'm a fan of archeolo-punk like tomb raider, indiana jones etc. This was great. The hand is a bit toonish. I guess the name generator (funny) would force you to make dozens of individual hand meshes... savepoints would be nice.


Great idea, great execution on that idea. I think the game was more fun as I continued to light the path. Unfortunately I had a little too much fun and my computer couldn't handle it. Some of those traps were mean as hell. Great job!

I was genuinely stressed that at some point I was going to hear footsteps approaching me while I was too deep in the dark.

I wish I could maybe pick up and move old lanterns.

Oooh picking old lanterns up is something we didn't even discuss, could be interesting.

That was fun! This game really tested my determination and I found myself wanting to complete it more and more, the more I played it. The death messages were humorous, I got a good chuckle out of each and every way to die in the game. 

My eyes were glued to the floor; the traps really kept me on my toes. 

Good work! Perhaps some more type of traps would be cool, like tripwires. 

Excellent game !


i'm not sure if this is a horror or a humor game, but I love it anyways.

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You played gestuman also! Thanks for your continued support!